Boi Neon (Brazil – 2015)



Neon bull (Boi Neon) is Gabriel Mascaro 2nd feature (he also made several docs). It is shown as part of the 10th Montreal Brazilian Film Festival that starts Friday and runs from October 21st to 27th at Cinéma du Parc.

Vaquejadas rodeo is Iremar’s trade, but his ambitions lean toward the clothing industry. His home is the truck that brings him from one town to another. His borrowed family, its co-workers, is made of outcasts.

Boi Neon, with its carefully balanced drama filled with comedic elements, offers a collection of realistic but colorful characters put under superb lights by Cinematographer Diego García (Cemetery of Splendor). Art direction is simple but it sets the tone to provide for simple but effective storytelling culminating in one of the most beautiful and sincere erotic scene ever put on screen.

A great film.


*** Details of the whole 12 films Program for the 10th Montreal Brazilian Film Festival here:

SPASM – 15 years



SPASM, the Montreal Film Fest dedicated to horror, fantastic, sci-fi and the bizarre from La Belle Province (plus a few outside guests) is up for edition number 15, starting tonight.

Running from October 20th to 29th in various venues around town, it kicks off at 8 at Plaza Theater with Les Insolites Québécois compilation of shorts and through numerous events dedicated to Sci-fi, thrash and (of course) sex, it will culminate on the 29th with their annual Old School Halloween Party.

Details here:

Björk digital

1. Björk Digital (Poster) Photo by Nick Knight_Typography by MMParis.jpg


The Red Bull Academy & PHI present Björk digital, basically an immersion in the singer’s musical and visual world.

It seems conceived for fans – and numerous they are- as she is everywhere in the works she commissioned, either in the past (and  featured in the 2D section of the exhibit) from artists of the likes of Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze et Al, Or in the present as the talents of craftsmen surrounding her is at display in its virtual glory in the second part of the ride with rooms giving access to her virtual essays.

It is a bit on the narcissist side, but isn’t that what stardom is about? With her star power, Björk will bring a new audience to a jewel of our city, DHC/ Art Centre where it is showing. It demonstrates our fair city has the infrastructures to host such major events. Let them come.

Björk digital runs 15 Oct – 12 Nov. 2016, at DHC/ Art in Montreal .

LONG WAY NORTH (Tout en haut du monde)



Out in Montreal this weekend and still running (we finally get to it, occupied we were with FNC 2016) is Rémi Chayé first animated feature,  a co-production between France and Denmark.

A young aristocrat woman leaves 19th Century St. Petersburg on a quest to find her grandfather who never came back from an expedition in the far North.

Simply but beautifully written with classic drawings, LONG WAY NORTH is effective because it doesn’t take the children for granted as it addresses its various  outcomes with seriousness  and a convincing dramatic build up. An engaging work it can be of interest for adult viewers accompanying their children…

FNC 2016 – The last Weekend



The Festival of New Cinema 2016 comes to a close this weekend. And there is still a lot to see.

Fervent of quiet tales of the bizarre might be seduced by The Untamed (Mexico) or Evolution (France) works of aesthetic, but films that also may leave the viewers on their appetite with some open ends as we see a lot days. Nonetheless they are pretty interesting pictures carefully creating allegorical-like ambiance.

Pleasure and pain are the reward of people who come across a mysterious creature not of this Earth in Untamed (La región salvaje), Mexican director Amat Escalente’s new film. He won the Continue reading