It Comes at Night (USA – 2017) – Short Review



It Comes at Night is Trey Edward Shults’ second feature starring Joel Edgerton (Black mass, Midnight special) Carmen Ejogo (Selma, Alien: Covenant) and Christopher Abbott (A most violent year, James White)

A world threat, coming under the form of a virulent disease, forces a family to isolate itself under a set of rules. The sudden arrival of another family seeking refuge puts their domestic order and empathy to test.

It Comes at Night is your behind closed doors – let-them-come-I’m ready- minimalist take on the end of civilization. It shares the pessimistic views on the subject of pictures like Time of the Wolf (2003), The Road (2009) Take Shelter (2011) and countless others. It pretty much covers known territories to film buffs of the 21st century, basically making honest and efficient use of what looks like a shoestring budget. Yet it is not totally successful in Continue reading

Passengers [Mortem Tyldum, USA – 2016]


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Passengers is a big-budget 3D-enabled space adventure. Helmed by Norwegian director Mortem Tyldum [The Imitation Game, Headhunters] and starring Jennifer Lawrence [Hunger Games, X-Men, Silver Linings Playbook] and Chris Pratt [Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World] as two passengers who are awoken mid-route on their 100+ year journey to a colony on a planet far, far away. The film is a light and competent PG-13 smorgasbord of hard science-fiction, corporate satire, technological intrigue and what passes for ‘romance,’—some wooing, some fabulous formal wear, lots of making out, a few PG-13 sex scenes.

Passengers hopes to be a crowd-pleasing adventure movie, and its family friendly rating might have ultimately handicapped it from addressing seriously its themes. Along the adventurous romp, issues of isolation, desperation, love, hate, suicide and sacrifice are Continue reading

Remember : Rock and Rule – forgotten Masterpiece of a lost future.

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A 77 minutes neo-noir with a derailed future, a rock musical with A-grade performances, an underground cult classic, a box office failure, a Canadian landmark; all of these tags define Rock and Rule, likely the foremost authorial work of Nelvana Studios.

Rock and Rule was  screened recently at  Montreal Animaze International Animation Film Festival where it was introduced by director Clive Smith. The film  is a post-apocalyptic vision where dogs, cats, and rats have inherited humanity’s place after World War III. In this dark future, the legendary rock star and mad scientist Mok tries to invoke a demon by kidnapping Angel, the lead singer of an teenage rock band. Her bandmates, Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch  set on to rescue her and prevent a fourth cataclysm using the power of Rock music.

And music is what Rock and Rule is about. The soundtrack, including Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Continue reading