RIDM 2017: 24 Davids (Quebec, 2017) – Opening Film


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Snapshots of daily life in different cities and countries show us that throughout planet Earth, humans are not so different from one another. Artful slow motion of public locations visually implies the similarities, despite geographic differences. At times almost a travelogue, Celine Baril’s 24 Davids takes a look at the world through the eyes of 24 different people named David. Each has their unique way of enriching the environment around them. From Mexico to England to Africa, Davids share their intelligence, their creativity, and their care for the people and things around them.

The world’s economy is disparate. The rich get richer while the government helps only itself, instead of reaching out to the poor. Londoners take to the rivers to live in boats because the gap between rich and poor is immense. Unless one is Continue reading


Fantasia 2017: Oscar (Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre, Canada)


DARIA GAMLIEL for Cinetalk.net

The short animated film, Oscar by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre begins without beating around the bush. There is no flowery intro or slow lead-in. Oscar Peterson’s voice appears in the opening sequence with assurance and purpose, announcing, “I love what I do.”

There is nothing revolutionary here in terms of ‘plot’. Instead it feels more like a glimpse of the musician for audiences who may already know a bit about him. In just 12 minutes, however, we learn about loneliness on the road and the melancholy of having great news to share about last night’s performance, with family not physically present to hear about it. It is with regret that Peterson speaks Continue reading

Fantasia 2017: Skin for Skin (Beecher, Kurytnik, Canada)


DARIA GAMLIEL for Cinetalk.net

With neither narration nor dialogue, Skin for Skin tells the tale of the fur trading industry. Described as “a tale of profit and loss”, the events take place during a brutal animal harvest in 1823.

Warning: cute animals are suddenly gutted across the screen. Although stylistically so, this might frighten young children and sadden animal lovers. It may be gruesome, but it portrays the reality of the fur trade, and certainly sets up the plot finale, where good vanquishes evil.

Though Carol Beecher and Kevin D. A. Kurytnik have created a very violent short film, it is also teeming with visual excellence. The close attention to details in Continue reading