FANTASIA 2017: Liberation Day ( Norway-Latvia, 2016)



In august 2015, as part of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japanese ruling, Slovenian Industrial-rock band Laibach played a gig in Pyongyang, North Korea. Morten Traavik Ugis Olte’s Liberation Day chronicles this surrealist event in an entertaining and comprehensive way, thus being careful not to leave behind viewers who may not be familiar with this iconic group.

Born in Tito’s 1980’s Yugoslavia, Laibach, with its use of provocative iconography (Malevich’s black crosses, military outfits, etc) were dubbed as fascists right from the start. So, 30 years later, when it came to a first time open doors of North Korea to pop-rockin’ concert from Westerners, they seemed like the oddest choice. And they were. But, Continue reading


Focus on Nordic Cinema



A focus on Nordic Cinema, presented by Cine Tapis Rouge, runs at Cinema Du Parc in Montreal from September 23rd-28. It opens with Aleksi Salmenperä’s Häiriötekijä (Distractions, Finland, 2015) made of multiple aesthetic short tales of the bizarre with no real link between them except for the actors playing several roles.

Also showing, Jörn Donner’s Armi elää! (Armi alive!, Finland, 2015) a film about the woman behind the Finnish design company Marimekko. Starting in a documentary style, it takes advantage of its budget limitation by constructing its portrayal of Armi Ratiaa by incorporating it in an in progress theater adaptation instead of going for the costly usual reconstitution. It interestingly questions the vision of a character in such biopic enterprises.

Horror fans have an appointment with WW2 German soldiers and their Norwegian prisoner confronted to a House of Exorcism in Reinert Kiil’s THE HOUSE (Huset, Norway). Same goes for Punk music fans with the showing of renown Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson’s WE ARE THE BEST.

Icelandic director Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Þrestir (Sparrows)a beautifully crafted adolescent drama set in Iceland’s breathtaking landscape will close the festival on Wednesday, 9PM at Parc.





A note in a bottle is found  in Scotland which has traveled across the ocean for a long time. The note is hard to decipher, but when the Danish inspectors from Section Q get it, the investigation is brought to life…

Hans Peter Molland’s adaptation of this third installment in crime writer’s  Jussi Adler-Olsen  Department Q series  (following The Keeper of Lost Causes and The Absent One )  is the most appealing of the trilogy. Detectives Carl Morck and Assad (played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares) are once again leading the investigation about Continue reading





(Børning, Hallvard Bræin, 2014) – Action, comedy

A down-on-his-luck wanna-be car racer is challenged in a illegal race through the length of Norway.

This light, but enjoyable, action comedy is a tribute to the cinema of American director/ stunt coordinator Hal Needham (of Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run fame),  Old-fashioned-style with some roaring roaring speed cars  and colorful characters. This a an entertainment bumpy ride throughout the Norwegian landscape.


Cold Prey 

(Fritt Vilt, Roar Uthaug, 2006) – Horror

After a snowboarding accident, five friends are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel in the mountains of Jotunheimen.

Almost ten years before The Wave, Roar Uthaug made thischilling film debut with this original take on the slasher/survival Continue reading

Pjotr Sapegin (Animation)



Animator Piotr Sapegin was born in the former Soviet union. He is known as a Filmmaker from Norway, where he resides and works. His clay animations are beautifully crafted works of Art, filled with strange characters usually made of plasticine, great cynical voice over and various surprising plot twists. He is one the great geniuses of contemporary animation. There is something joyously confrontational about his style and ways. His personal takes on Mme Butterfly (Aria) and Shakespeare (In a corner of the World, with its Northern lights as a background) are simply charming. Others like Huset pa Kampen – 1998 – contain all of his distinctive humor, a deliberate primitive world of twisted dramas and unusual romance.

A great talented artist to discover (if not already) and you’ll want more. A few links to his work can be found. Take the time it worths it. Brilliant.

Yours to discover.