FANTASIA 2017: Liberation Day ( Norway-Latvia, 2016)



In august 2015, as part of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japanese ruling, Slovenian Industrial-rock band Laibach played a gig in Pyongyang, North Korea. Morten Traavik Ugis Olte’s Liberation Day chronicles this surrealist event in an entertaining and comprehensive way, thus being careful not to leave behind viewers who may not be familiar with this iconic group.

Born in Tito’s 1980’s Yugoslavia, Laibach, with its use of provocative iconography (Malevich’s black crosses, military outfits, etc) were dubbed as fascists right from the start. So, 30 years later, when it came to a first time open doors of North Korea to pop-rockin’ concert from Westerners, they seemed like the oddest choice. And they were. But, Continue reading