Suspiria – 4K Restoration



Dario Argento’s 1977 groundbreaking and influential horror extravaganza Suspiria is back on the big screen (a blu-Ray is also on the way), thanks to an unbelievably gorgeous 4K restoration by those guys at Synapse Films. The restoration team benefited from supervision and approval by the film’s cinematographer Luciano Tovoli, starting work (three years ago) from the original uncut 35mm Italian camera negative. They were able to recover the originally intended 4.0 surround sound mix,  so Goblin’s legendary score will haunt you with more efficiency…

Previous transfers of Suspiria had either tons of missing elements or recreated the lower quality Eastman process of film transfer. From now on, with this impressive release, we get pristine technicolor treatment, intended colors you’ve never seen. It is Christmas before time for aficionados and even for film buffs who are not necessarily fans of the genre. Suspiria benefits from the same kind of royal treatment Visconti’s Il Gattopardo got a few years back.

This is one major theatrical re-release, not to be missed if you love films.


*** For Montrealers, Cinema du Parc is showing Suspiria 4K from December 1-7 in a special engagement.  — Rest of the World, check your local listings.

Synapse official Blu-Ray Release : December 31st 2017



Goblin: Live – Montreal, October 27th, 2017



On October 27th, at Fairmount Theatre, Italian horror movie soundtrack heroes, Goblin paid a second visit to our fair city of Montreal, (if we do not take into account original member Claudio Simonetti’s own tour) and they entertained, once more, an attentive crowd.

Since the 1970s the band has changed personnel, dissolved, and reformed multiple times. This time Montreal was lucky to receive an (almost complete) original lineup, including Massimo Morante (guitar), Agostino Marangolo (drums), Maurizio Guarini (keyboards), Fabio Pignatelli (bass), and Aidan Zammit (keyboards). Core member Claudio Simonetti was still absent…


Fitting for a Halloween weekend, the show opened with the sound of a scary scream. Accompanied by looped horror film footage on the screen behind them, the quintet kicked things off with Killer on a Train (from Dario Argento’s Non Ho Sonno, 2001). A string of newer songs, including Continue reading

Manhattan Baby OST (Fabio Frizzi)




In time for the Brand New Blu-Ray edition of Lucio Fulci’s 1982 Manhattan Bay, Subsound Records (with license by Beat) released Fabio Frizzi’s soundtrack to this cult Horror Flick. It is the first time the complete OST appears on vinyl.

After working together on one of the peaks of their respective careers, The Beyond (1981), director and composer team up again the following year. While Manhattan is Continue reading

Torso OST – Guido & Maurizio De Angelis



At the end of 2015 Dagored released a double LP of the soundtrack of brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis to Euro-cult director Sergio Martino’s TORSO (I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale – 1973).

TORSO ia a precursor of the slasher genre and an early Giallo (the Italian thriller genre). You get your classic mix of serial killer and targeted foreign college student in an isolated villa.

Also known under the pseudonym Oliver Onions, the De Angelis brothers began recording music (with standalone albums) in the 1960’s. But the soundtrack Continue reading

3 Rosi by Piccioni – OST



Among the greatest director-composer duets in the history of Cinema stands the 13 films Francesco Rosi/ Piero Piccioni collaboration.

In 2011, thanks, to the late Mr Rosi’s son, Jason, and Claudio Fuiano, a master in digging out soundtrack jewels for restoration, an anthology containing three soundtracks from this fruitful association was born.

The first part is spent on Piccioni’s Jazz attitude completed with his sense for the symphonic and his iconic use of the bass, with 17 tracks from Le mani sulla Citta’/ Hands over the city (1963), the classic starring Rod Steiger. It offers Continue reading