It Comes at Night (USA – 2017) – Short Review



It Comes at Night is Trey Edward Shults’ second feature starring Joel Edgerton (Black mass, Midnight special) Carmen Ejogo (Selma, Alien: Covenant) and Christopher Abbott (A most violent year, James White)

A world threat, coming under the form of a virulent disease, forces a family to isolate itself under a set of rules. The sudden arrival of another family seeking refuge puts their domestic order and empathy to test.

It Comes at Night is your behind closed doors – let-them-come-I’m ready- minimalist take on the end of civilization. It shares the pessimistic views on the subject of pictures like Time of the Wolf (2003), The Road (2009) Take Shelter (2011) and countless others. It pretty much covers known territories to film buffs of the 21st century, basically making honest and efficient use of what looks like a shoestring budget. Yet it is not totally successful in Continue reading

White Girl (Us – 2016)



Moviegoers love to be shocked by legitimate onscreen steaming violent sex and Elizabeth wood”s White Girl, who made a bit of a fuss at Sundance, sure supply for some discussion on film ratings.

Apparently a semi-autobiographical affair, White Girl introduces us to the world of Leah, a young NYC student arriving in the Hood. Seduced the by next door dealer, she digs deep to get him out of jail after an evening gone wrong, Continue reading

The Northlander



What is the difference between instinct and feeling? Members of a futuristic tribe seek the answer in this action-adventure with just a hint of sci-fi. The Northlander is written, directed and produced by Benjamin Ross Hayden. The Albertan filmmaker is proud to mention his Metis roots, and his production hinges on this. Though the main clan could be a group of random people banding together after wars, genocide, or natural apocalypse, the group is identifiable as Aboriginal Canadian.

Corey Sevier (Instant Star, North Shore) plays main baddie-but-goodie Cygnus. He is Continue reading

Wiener-Dog (Todd Solondz , USA, 2016)



With titles like Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness (1998) and Storytelling (2002) under his belt, Todd Solondz went to the dark side of the human mind more than few.
A black comedy, that apparently left a part of the audience angry at Sundance Film Fest (Wiener-dog sites are apparently booing at the movie), Wiener-Dog is no heart warming family film. But the way audiences are crying over a dog shows explicitly what kind of cruel world he describes.

A dog’s life it is for Solondz characters as a dachshund passes from one sad owner to another plagued with dysfunctional lives Continue reading

The Rover (2014)


David Michôd, director of the academy award nominated Animal Kingdom (2010), directed The Rover in 2014.

Starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, The Rover is set in a devastated land, the result of a global economic collapse, where a man is obsessively pursuing a group of thieves, who stole his car, in an uncanny alliance with the brother of one the thieves.

The Rover starts on a wasteland road that immediately makes the viewer think of the original  Mad Max. But Those longing for a lot of action ( because of the set up and two stars involved) will be deceived. There is a grim ambiance about The Rover, Continue reading