RIDM 2017: Dragonfly Eyes (China – 2017)


for Cinetalk.net

Dragonflies have multifaceted eyes. In Dragonfly Eyes, the first feature from acclaimed contemporary artist Xu Bing, recycled surveillance camera footage and streaming serve as the basis of a flustering work. The plot is constructed exclusively with gathered images with added dubbing.

A woman, Qing Ting (meaning Dragonfly) leaves the monastery where she was educated,  takes a job at a mechanical farm and falls in love with a man who ends up in jail. Upon his release he tries to win her back, but she apparently transformed herself physically becoming an Internet sensation…

Built on a rather conventional drama-love story, Dragonfly Eyes ultimate shape is far from being conventional. Thousands of eyes, recording interlinked stories, become one vision. Multiple people catch on camera Continue reading