RIDM 2017: A Modern Man (Germany/Denmark– 2017)

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Don’t be fooled by silly synopses about Eva Mulvad’s A Modern Man. Many insinuate a tale of a hoity-toity, body and fashion-conscious, rich hunk. In fact, the subject in front of Mulvad’s lens is much more relatable, albeit falsely aloof. Yes, he has money. Yes, he likes fancy cars and luxury items, but this simply comes with the territory for a successful classical violinist from a well-off family. Overall, this is an essay about using the spotlight to achieve one’s goals without compromising one’s ideals. As with most active musicians, Charlie Siem jetsets between countries, appears for wardrobe fittings, and spends hours practicing his instrument. This lifestyle could include friendship and romance, but Siem is too fixated on his dreams to let such petty things taint his world.

There is a fine line between being stuck up and simply sticking to one’s objectives to a fault. The life the violinist lives brings him the joy of success, achievement, and recognition. However, the two-sided coin is that recognition only symbolizes ‘making it’ if it is the craft – the music – that is recognized. What does modeling for Hugo Boss do for a classical musician? It brings him adoring female fans that are only attracted to the photographer’s interpretation of who Siem is. Even Siem cannot recognize himself in these artistic portraits. Contrary to public opinion, he is not the most attractive hunk on the face of the planet. He is an average-looking man with boyish features and ill-sitting hair. He is neither poised when he stalks around in his tailored summer wear, nor when he’s bumming around in Continue reading


Atypical Serial killer Movies # 9


9 – The element of crime (Lars Von Trier, Denmark, 1985)

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Using odd methods, a detective returns from Cairo to solve a series of murders.

Von Trier’s signature is already taking shape in this early effort. Casting is great, dominated by late Britt actors Michael Elphick and Esmond Knight. Before going completely insane, Trier made this one with panache, intense visual style, a sense for storytelling and breathtaking ambiance with nods of surrealism.

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A note in a bottle is found  in Scotland which has traveled across the ocean for a long time. The note is hard to decipher, but when the Danish inspectors from Section Q get it, the investigation is brought to life…

Hans Peter Molland’s adaptation of this third installment in crime writer’s  Jussi Adler-Olsen  Department Q series  (following The Keeper of Lost Causes and The Absent One )  is the most appealing of the trilogy. Detectives Carl Morck and Assad (played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares) are once again leading the investigation about Continue reading



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Nicolas Winding Refn’s The NEON DEMON, starring Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone,  fashion model Abbey Lee and… Keanu Reeves, is Rfen new film about an aspiring model in the L.A.  fashion Jungle. It is as thin as his own Only God forgives (2013). Whether you like a real storyline or not is up to you.

You get your routine Refn collage of situations and monolithic persona blend together to justify a string of well crafted images cradled Continue reading