Fantasia 2017: Bad Genius (Thailand – 2017)



Nattawut Poonpiriya’s Bad Genius is a fun ride. The Buzz around the film is so good, the Fantasia Film Fest team added a screening.

A Math exam cheating story shot as a thriller? Yes!

In Bad genius Lynn is a gifted Math student who comes from humble background. In exchange of money, she helps a fellow student, from a wealthier family, by finding a (suspenseful) way to share with her the results to a difficult test. What is a sole effort eventually becomes a more elaborate scam involving an exam-cheating syndicate. Continue reading


Fantasia 2017 : Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman (Netherlands)



The humor is straight forward and pretty vulgar in Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman. It works several times and fails at others. This silly comedy is directed by Dutch duet Steffen Haars & Flip Van der Kuil.

After a video of a failed stunt (he was dead drunk) becomes viral, Ron uses his new found celebrity to become a canon fodder on film sets, while trying to seduce a movie celebrity to win a bet he made with his girlfriend.

Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman is a no-brainer deprived of any political correctness (there is some amusing drunk driving and failed stunts) on a Continue reading

CAFE SOCIETY (Woody Allen, 2016)



CAFE SOCIETY is the new pedestrian ride from woody Allen. It stars Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart

Technically speaking it is a Big Budget for Allen (30 millions).

It is the 1930s and Young Bronx native, Bobby tries to make it to Hollywood with help from an uncle who’s a Star agent with Continue reading

FANTASIA 2016: PATTAYA (France- Franck Gastambide)



To escape the greyness of France’s suburbs, two friends  lie to one of their neighborhood friend and embark him on a free journey trip to Thailand in the World Championship Muay Thai dwarfs contest.  This “dreamy” vacation t quickly turns into a crazy and dangerous adventure.

Four years after the surprising success of Les Kaïra (aka Porn in the Hood), Franck Gastambide gives us another “excessive” comedy with Pattaya. Vin Diesel-lookalike and wannabe, Gastambide pulls no punches and throws everything but the kitchen sink in Continue reading

Football film #4 – Phörpa/ The Cup (Bhutan/ Tibet/ Australia – 1999)



During the 1998  soccer World Cup in France, a in Exile Tibetan monastery’s serenity is shaken as Zen contemplation is put to challenge by the soccer fever gaining its young students.

Phörpa (The cup) is produced in part with the help of famous Britt producer Jeremy Thomas with an Australian technical crew. It was director Khyentse Norbu first feature. Norbu is recognised as the third incarnation of Continue reading