Lady Bird (US – 2017)



When the tricky Oscar buzz is at the gate, there is usually one or two Indie contenders. This year, actress Greta Gerwig’s second film as adirector, Lady Bird, falls into such category. It is praised in almost every lists around.

An partially agreeable coming-of-age comedy drama boosting lovable performance by lead actress Saoirse Ronan ( Hanna, Atonement, Brooklyn), Lady Bird introduces us into the world of Christine a young adolescent woman, in Sacramento, year 2002. Bored by how life goes on in her city, she dreams of going to college in NY.

Through one year in the life of Christine we get episodic honest drama and humor with friends, parents, teachers, etc. Nice.


The Oscar buzz for this film is beyond me. We’ve (approximately) seen this Continue reading


GODARD – Le Redoutable (French with E.S.T)



Jean-Luc Godard still fascinates film scholars to this day. When Oscar winning director Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist, 2011) film adaption of Anne Wiazemsky memoirs of her married life with JLG, Un an après, under the title Le Redoutable, was programmed  in competition at the Cannes Film last summer, Godard devotees started worrying long before they walked on the red carpet.

A Godard biopic? Where no director has gone before.

Le Redoutable, using a light comedy approach that would for sure displease the cult director,  pictures a highly ‘cinematic’ JLG.   The film covers the late 1960’s. A period in which the director of Breathless (A bout de souffle, 1960) and Contempt (Le Mépris, 1963) is at the Height of his popularity. He is in the midst of shifting from a revolution in films (the French New Wave that carved his name in film history) to try on becoming a revolutionary tout court. This would lead to more ”difficult” (and less public appealing) works like La Chinoise (1967) and, later, Le Vent d’Est (1970) a ‘collective’ film made as a member of Continue reading

Atypical Serial killer Movies # 10

10 – The match factory girl (Aki Kaurismaki, Finland, 1990)


A lonely match-factory worker, living with strict parents, is made pregnant after a one-night stand. Fed up with everything and everyone she lurks for revenge…

In this atypical Serial killing comedy-drama, a (highly) personal take on The little Match Girl, Kaurismaki’s muse, Kati Outinen, goes on a killing spree with such gently caring face, you just don’t see it coming… as her victims don’t. As usual the question raised by Kaurismaki surreal and unmatched satiric style is: shall we cry or shall we laugh?

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The Comedian (US – 2017)



In Taylor Hackford’s (An officer and a Gentleman, Ray) new comedy-drama, The Comedian, Robert De Niro plays, opposite Danny DeVito, Harvey Keitel and Leslie Mann, a washed up actor trying to pull it together as a stand up comic while trying to deal with family issues, anger management and a sudden love interest.

Passed the curiosity of a first time screen match featuring De Niro and DeVito, The Comedian is not funny at all with its collected clichés, recycled jokes and corny drama. It is filled with inept dialogues where any entertainment value, creativity or intelligence are denied. Although De Niro did a great job as a would-be stand up for Martin Scorsese’s overlooked The King of Comedy (1983), Continue reading

Sieranevada (Romania – 2016)



A Cannes Film Festival official selection – In Competiton – Sieranevada is Romania’s Oscar submission to the Academy for the Best Foreign Language Film category, but it was not retain within the Academy’s short list. It is the latest film by Cristi Puiu, Cannes’ Un Certain Regard top prize winner in 2005 for The Death of Mr Lazarescu.

A film for critics and hardcore film buffs, Sieranevada consists of a  gathering, to salute a family’s deceased patriarch, where nothing seems to go the right way.

It starts on the street, with a long take, leading to one of these (by today’s standards) highly common scenes inside a car where we watch people from the back. From extended minutes of conversations, with Continue reading