Fantasia 2017 : ANIMALS (Tiere) – Poland/ Austria/ Germany 2017



In Greg Zglinski’s unsettling and complex film, Animals (Tiere), Anna and Nick’s couple is on the rocks because the latter has an affair with a neighbor. A strange accident, during a trip in the Switzerland Alps, in hopes to fix things, leads to a series of even stranger events and distortion of reality.

Animals plays like a nightmarish mystery thriller in chronicling a couple’s disintegration. It has a disconcerting complexity at times, with its multiple takes on the same ideas, time and place. It is a Continue reading


RIDM 2016: Homo Sapiens



It is RIDM 2016 last stand this weekend and after witnessing the state of the world with plenty of amazing documentaries that left us speechless, Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Homo Sapien may come as a blessing.

Homo Sapien is made of static shots with no commentary and it is free of any Homo Sapien presence. Filmed all over the globe, and showing the imprint of men over the lands, it explores (often gigantic) abandoned ruins of human structures. We are convey through a series of beautifully shot images into a meditative world of poetic nature and abandoned. This is no Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi as there is no musical commentary  (but some fine sound design), yet it shares the no plot characteristic of these renown works and their formal qualities.


RIDM Screenings:

19 nov. 5:30 PM
Cinéma du Parc 2

20 nov. 7:00 PM
Cinéma du Parc 1

FNC 2016: Safari (Ulrich Seidl)



«Where no man has gone before» could be the right intro to Ulrich Seidl’s body of work. He made his name crossing boundaries with films like Dog Days, Import-Export, Animal love or Models, films in which the frontier between documentary and live action is dismissed exploring the chaos of our lives.

Once more, Seidl goes into the dark side of the human mind with his latest offering, Safari. As its title indicates he follows white hunters in Africa. Safari raised some controversy Continue reading