Blade of the Immortal (Japan, 2017)


Takashi Miike is known for trying his hand at any film genre. His penchant however, tends toward the macabre, the violent and the humorous. In recent years, the director has focused on live action remakes of animated series and manga. Blade of the Immortal is his 2017 offering, and marks his 100th feature film. Rather fittingly, Blade is about a samurai known as Hundred Killer. With 100 kills to his name, Manji won’t stop until he has destroyed every cranky crook and every moody mercenary. He has revenge in his spirit, and worms in his blood that keep him alive no matter how much he wishes to die.

If one is familiar with the animated series, the interestingly casted Takuya Kimura (who is normally cast in drama roles, and is part of recently defunct boy-band SMAP) pulls off a convincing Manji. Stylishly coiffed and scarred, he is a lone wolf cursed with Continue reading


FANTASIA 2016 : Chihayafuru 1 + 2 (Nori Koizumi – Japan)



1000 years ago, Ariwara no Narihira wrote a passionate poem about love. The poem is now an integral part of karuta. Chihayafuru is a glorious live action adaptation of the manga and anime of the same name. The world of competitive karuta may seem very odd to people outside Japan. It is both a competitive sport as well as homage to Japanese history and culture. Chihaya (Suzu Hirose) is a passionate teenager who insists on playing the card game. It’s her way of keeping ties to a lost friend in hopes one day they might reunite. Continue reading

FANTASIA 2016 : Parasyte 1 + 2 (Takashi Yamazaki – Japan)


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The flesh horror anime/manga remake is a take on the body snatcher theme. Much like the classic Parasite Eve (Masayuki Ochiai), parasites are out to control our world by manipulating  humans. Parasyte comes with an agenda: Humans should stop destroying the earth and each other. All life is precious, even Continue reading