FNC 2017 : MARLINA the murderer in Four Acts (Indonesia – 2017)



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James Brown wrote : This is a man’s world…
But it wouldn’t be nothing, without a woman …

In MARLINA the murderer in Four Acts, a vicious gang of men (with criminal intentions) come at Marlina’s door, but she manages to (literally) get rid of them for good. With still some faith left toward the local justice system, she sets course on finding the nearest police station carrying with her,  as evidence,  the severed head of the gang leader…

MARLINA the murderer in Four Acts was dubbed a feminist ‘Satay Western’, a clear reference to the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960’s. And director Mouly Surya’s film is a ravishingly shot absurdist tale that effectively plays like a Western. Cinematographer Yunus Pasolang makes great use of the breathtaking landscapes of the Continue reading


FNC 2017 : COCOTE (Dominican Republic)


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In Dominican filmmaker Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias’s Cocote, vengeance is a dish best served hot…

After being away for a long time, Alberto sets course to his native remote town, to attend his father’s funeral. Discovering, upon his arrival, he was murdered and already buried, Alberto soon figures out that, as the Man of the family, avenging duty lays on his shoulders.

A winner at Locarno International Film Festival, Cocote is a thing of beauty and sorrow as much as it is about the violent confrontation of a culture with itself. The lead is totally reluctant about the family’s expectation for vengeance. Thrown into religious cults, remote from his faith and what his new life is about (he is coming back from the city, he’s seen totally different ways of life), he must confront old demons. His standing against old pagan ways puts him in distress with his kin. He has no intentions to retaliate. Women of the family, involved with Continue reading

About Love. Adults Only (2017, Chupov, Gigineishvili et al.)


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Marriage kills love.

Public opinion says love these days cannot be preserved. Why do so many couples drift apart? Join John Malkovich in an otherwise Russian cast in About Love. Adults Only to discover the answers. The plot is based around an international conference honoring the question, How do we sustain love in the modern world?

The premise might at first sound dry, but within the first few minutes of Alexsey Chupov, Rezo Gigineishvili, Anna Melikyan, Natalya Merkulova, Pavel Ruminov, Nigina Sayfullnaeva and Evgeniy Shelyakin’s film, we are treated to some hilarious footage of sex-deprived people flipping out on innocent bystanders. The content of the story is far from dry. Though it is not a slapstick comedy, the humor is Continue reading

FNC 2017 : Black Hollow Cage ( Spain)


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Most reviews of Spanish director Sadrac Gonzalez-Pelleron’s second feature film, Black Hollow Cage will probably revolve around the sci-fi element of a mysterious black box. In fact, the film is more about human grief and the quest for forgiveness.

The action takes place in a vaguely futuristic home set in an environment where architecture and nature coexist. There is a parallel between the black box out there and the one the protagonists inhabit, with its sleek dark walls fabricated out of what appears to be a hybrid of dark stained wood and tarnished metal. In the opening sequence, tinny squeaks and percussion of mundane objects such as cupboard doors or a plate making contact with a countertop, stand out against the otherwise auditory tranquility. Banal sounds resonate while the chirping of birds is ever-present off screen. A similar sound dynamic appears to highlight Continue reading

CCIFF 2017 – the Canada-China International film fest (September 23rd-27th)


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CCIFF – the Canada-China International film fest 2nd edition kicks off today (Saturday september 23rd at Concordia University in Montreal and runs until the 27th.

Films, events, panels, VR and new tech demonstrations are on the menu.

As films screenings are concerned…

You may get a chance to catch up on Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s beautiful and arty, The Assassin or Zhangke Jia’s Mountains may depart in which the life of woman named Tao is explored in three different time periods spanning 25 years.

In Saving Mr Wu HK star Andy Lau gets the JCVD treatment in portraying a star actor being kidnapped for a ransom.


Mabel Chung’s A tale of three cities is a romance set during World War II and apparently based on the real-life story of Jackie Chan’s parents…

Pema Tseden’s drama, Tharlo, a Venice Film Fest official selection, is about a sheep herder who meets a girl at the local barber’s shop that will turn his life upside down.

Paths of the soul, by award winning director Yang Zhang, is a docu-drama. The 1200 km journey of a Tibetan group on a pilgrimage to Lasa, the holy capital of Tibet.

There is also an intriguing 3D presentation (at Cineplex forum on Monday) of In Pursuit of The General a Peking Opera film introduced by the crew.

All this and more…

LINK : http://cciff.ca/2017/film-screening/