Vues d’Afrique – last weekend



The 33rd Montreal Vues d’Afriques Film Festival is still alive and kicking through the whole weekend, from Friday to Sunday April 23rd. Note that most films are either shown in French or with French subs.

This Friday bring your kids to the matinees at Cinemathèque Québecoise for intriguing collections of films dealing with social issues. There are four programs aiming at your kids to choose from. At 20:30, if you are still around, It is the Cuban night. It continues on Saturday and Sunday with various selections from Morocco, Haiti, Senegal et Al.



LUMIÈRE! Cannes spiritual leader’s masterclass



It was just a question of time in this digital restoration era for brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière, credited with the invention of Cinema as we know it, to be introduced properly to a 21st century audience.

Launched today (for Montrealers it’s at Centre PHI, January 26-27-28), LUMIÈRE! Offers a selection of more than a hundred shorts produced by the brothers and their affiliates between 1895 and 1905. It is all beautifully edited together and commented, in the fashion of a DVD audio commentary (or a Masterclass) by Cannes Film Festival Godfather himself, Thierry Frémaux. And we have to admit he is making an offer film buffs can’t refuse.

LUMIÈRE! is not only an essential homage. It introduces Continue reading

SPASM – 15 years



SPASM, the Montreal Film Fest dedicated to horror, fantastic, sci-fi and the bizarre from La Belle Province (plus a few outside guests) is up for edition number 15, starting tonight.

Running from October 20th to 29th in various venues around town, it kicks off at 8 at Plaza Theater with Les Insolites Québécois compilation of shorts and, through numerous events dedicated to Sci-fi, thrash and (of course) sex, it will culminate on the 29th with their annual Old School Halloween Party.

Details here:

Views of the World Film and Music Festival


Views of the World Film and Music Festival, a new player in the Montreal Film Festival scene, starts thursday Sept 22nd and runs until the 25th. Its goal is to provide features about vital social issues that aim to inspire audiences to take positive action. Portugal, Italy, Russia, Africa all get their special day. Jean-Pierre Melville’s L’armée des Ombres and Le Cercle Rouge are shown in restored editions.

The festival brings also Film music and script workshop and various other happenings and parties.



CCIFF (Part 2)



In Cinema, the time it takes for a filmmaker to express his view outputs either a short, or a feature length oeuvre. Some benefit from the constraints of a shorter format and others need a full two hours to make their point. The success of either the short or long format depends on the execution.

The CCIFF compiled quite a few powerful shorts, where more screen time was unnecessary. Not all succeeded, but then, not all the feature films were effective either. Some were overly long with messy narration or plot holes. The collection of shorts was surprisingly strong overall. Some of Cinetalk’s personal Continue reading