Animation Summits 2017 – Montreal


The 2017 Animation summits begin today in Montreal and go from November 22-26 at Cinémathèque Québécoise and Centre PHI.

The opening film is Benjamin Renner (Ernest et Célestine) and Patrice Imbert’s enjoyable (and family oriented) slap stick feature (the Oscar contender) The Big bad fox and other tales, full of loony and sympathetic animals trying to be bad but with not much success.

Cam Christiansen’s The Wall will close the fest with Continue reading


FNC 2017: New Media



The FNC is known not only for its vast selection of films, but also its eye on new technologies. The events dot the city in several venues where the public can watch live experimental music performances, put on some VR goggles, or visit Severine Fontaine’s Lamparium. This planetarium-like immersive experience incorporates 3D animated lamps and light sources projected on a 360-degree dome-shaped screen, as well as physical lamps which turn on and off throughout the 45-minute presentation. While spectators recline on oversized beanbags mats, the show is at first relaxing and somewhat hypnotizing. Its pace picks up to Continue reading

13th Montreal International Black Film Festival



13th Montreal International Black Film Festival started yesterday and goes on until the first of October.

Topics like racism, refugees, Black Lives Matter movement and many more are on the menu of the fest showcasing 66 Films from 25 countries at numerous venues around the city, including Imperial Theatre, Cinema Du Parc as well as Concordia and UQAM universities.


Some highlights include an afternoon tribute to (and with) High class Jazz legend Oliver Jones (Saturday September 30th 3 PM at Parc). At the same time (cruel choice it is) there is a showing, among a short films selection, of segments of the upcoming Irene Angelico film of REACHING FOR ZION which features Bob Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, an amazing woman activist who is simply a class act on her own (Sept 30, 2017 – 3:00 PM at the so-called Ancien Cinema ONF, 1564 rue St denis).


A bit later (7:30PM), if You never got the chance to see an Haitian Feature (well it’s actually 52 minutes with Continue reading

CCIFF 2017 – the Canada-China International film fest (September 23rd-27th)



CCIFF – the Canada-China International film fest 2nd edition kicks off today (Saturday september 23rd at Concordia University in Montreal and runs until the 27th.

Films, events, panels, VR and new tech demonstrations are on the menu.

As films screenings are concerned…

You may get a chance to catch up on Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s beautiful and arty, The Assassin or Zhangke Jia’s Mountains may depart in which the life of woman named Tao is explored in three different time periods spanning 25 years.

In Saving Mr Wu HK star Andy Lau gets the JCVD treatment in portraying a star actor being kidnapped for a ransom.


Mabel Chung’s A tale of three cities is a romance set during World War II and apparently based on the real-life story of Jackie Chan’s parents…

Pema Tseden’s drama, Tharlo, a Venice Film Fest official selection, is about a sheep herder who meets a girl at the local barber’s shop that will turn his life upside down.

Paths of the soul, by award winning director Yang Zhang, is a docu-drama. The 1200 km journey of a Tibetan group on a pilgrimage to Lasa, the holy capital of Tibet.

There is also an intriguing 3D presentation (at Cineplex forum on Monday) of In Pursuit of The General a Peking Opera film introduced by the crew.

All this and more…


Expo 67 Live (Lanoie-Brien, 2017)



Karine Lanoie-Brien has created a colossal work. The hours she and her team spent sifting through archives will finally bear fruit on September 18th.  As part of the Montreal375 celebrations, Expo 67 Live will take place at Place des Arts, using portions of the available architecture as well as giant screens to welcome audiences into the universe of Expo 67. The world’s fair happened on Montreal’s Ile Ste-Helene and Ile Notre Dame, and has remained in the hearts and memories of millions of people worldwide.

Though Lanoie-Brien is too young to have attended the “show of the century”, she was able to envision what it must have been like. Her project with the NFB is symbolic because of the latter’s involvement at Expo 67. The film In the Labyrinth, by pioneers Roman Kroitor, Colin Low, and Hugh O’Connor  (directors praised by Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas)  used a cruciform of 5 screens and was the precursor to IMAX. To commemorate both Expo 67 and In the Labyrinth’s 50th anniversary, Lanoie-Brien wanted to create Continue reading