FNC 2017: Black Cop (Canada – 2017)


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Minority Popo. Black Cop. Our antihero has heard all the slurs related to his job and to the color of his skin. With these two traits combined, he angers #blacklivesmatters protestors and white policemen alike. After being harassed and mis-identified as a random street thug, the officer decides to take vigilante action against the continuous abuse of power toward black people of all stripes. Cory Bowles (best known for his participation in the Canadian TV series, Trailer Park Boys, also formerly part of hip-hop trio Hip Club Groove) has fleshed out a 2016 short, to offer his first feature length film, Black Cop.

The presumption that every black youth is up to no good causes the black community at large to feel afraid. They might get defensive when under unnecessary fire, which leads police to think they are then guilty of some crime. Both sides provoke each other, and the debacle ends in police brutality. Racism causes violence, and usually not the other way around. As much as US government or Continue reading


FNC 2017: Women of the Weeping River (short Review)

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In Filipino director Sheron Dayoc’s feature, Women of the Weeping River, two women are in the middle of an enduring blood feud slowly decimating their respective families.

Davoc, who’s documentary The Crescent Rising was about men and women caught in the middle of war and poverty in the same area of Muslim Mindanao, brings to our attention a conflict over land dispute involving the Moro Muslim group in this island of southern Philippines. With an ensemble cast of non-professionals and a background that made the locals trust him so he could go on with his work in a region considered highly dangerous, the director chronicles with empathy, the side effects of these blood feud for those involved, especially the women. A world where the first authority, before even the state, is family bond, but from another age. So embittered are the two families they mainly live for vengeance.

Through the microcosm it describes as its central theme, Women of the weeping river tackles larger issues about ultimate political responsibilities of the central state in ending cycles of violence.

Last Screening: Wednesday October 11, 12:45 – Quartier Latin 17

FNC 2017: Mon Ange (Belgium – 2017)


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An invisible boy meets a blind girl. She is the only one, apart from his mother, who can ‘see’ him. But what if she were to suddenly gain functional eyesight? Would he disappear?

More and more, modern cinema globally tackles cynicism. Writer/ director Harry Cleven wanted to counter this by portraying romantic naiveté. Mon Ange is a tale of impossible love made real through the metaphor of magic.

Mon Ange proves low budget does not always equal low quality. On the contrary, it forced Cleven to think through cinematic conundrums without leaning heavily on post-production visual effects. In a film that explores the senses, this is a Continue reading

FNC 2017 : COCOTE (Dominican Republic)


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In Dominican filmmaker Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias’s Cocote, vengeance is a dish best served hot…

After being away for a long time, Alberto sets course to his native remote town, to attend his father’s funeral. Discovering, upon his arrival, he was murdered and already buried, Alberto soon figures out that, as the Man of the family, avenging duty lays on his shoulders.

A winner at Locarno International Film Festival, Cocote is a thing of beauty and sorrow as much as it is about the violent confrontation of a culture with itself. The lead is totally reluctant about the family’s expectation for vengeance. Thrown into religious cults, remote from his faith and what his new life is about (he is coming back from the city, he’s seen totally different ways of life), he must confront old demons. His standing against old pagan ways puts him in distress with his kin. He has no intentions to retaliate. Women of the family, involved with Continue reading

About Love. Adults Only (2017, Chupov, Gigineishvili et al.)


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Marriage kills love.

Public opinion says love these days cannot be preserved. Why do so many couples drift apart? Join John Malkovich in an otherwise Russian cast in About Love. Adults Only to discover the answers. The plot is based around an international conference honoring the question, How do we sustain love in the modern world?

The premise might at first sound dry, but within the first few minutes of Alexsey Chupov, Rezo Gigineishvili, Anna Melikyan, Natalya Merkulova, Pavel Ruminov, Nigina Sayfullnaeva and Evgeniy Shelyakin’s film, we are treated to some hilarious footage of sex-deprived people flipping out on innocent bystanders. The content of the story is far from dry. Though it is not a slapstick comedy, the humor is Continue reading