13 Atypical Serial killer Movies


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Atypical Serial killer Movies # 1


1 – M (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1931)

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The inevitable classic. Atypical if compared to what a young audience will think of when we talk about serial killer films.

In 1930’s Germany, the manhunt to catch a child-murderer…

Lang’s first talkie (shot by legendary cinematographer Fritz Arno Wagner) is, of course, a much celebrated classic from all artistic angles. But it also foresees the degradation of social climate leading to Nazi Germany by depicting a common resignation from ordinary people to let criminals take care of ‘things’. The bound linking criminals to officials in a race for the first to find a child killer with general acceptance (regardless of the fact we all agree they actually are abominable crimes) is still very contemporary.

As the child killer everyone’s after, Peter Lorre pushes acting to a level of genius rarely matched in the history of the film medium.

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Atypical Serial killer Movies # 2


2 – Buffet froid (Bertrand Blier, France, 1979)

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A delightful metaphorical farce on dehumanization starring young Gerard Depardieu in top form along veterans Bernard Blier and Jean Carmet as a trio of men so bored and depressed by the climax of their surroundings of newly constructed lifeless building development (basically a concrete jungle), they start killing people at night as a hobby…

Silly situations, loony characters, quick-witted, cynical with lots of great performances by the leads, but also notable and funny cameos by Carole Bouquet and Michel Serreault.

Buffet froid is top black humor with clever dialogues, outrageous sequences and circumstantial cold and depress lighting by cinematographer Jean Penzer. Unforgettable and influential.

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Atypical Serial killer Movies # 3


3 – Man Bites dog (C’est arrivé près de chez vous) Belvaux-Bonzel-Poelvoorde, Belg, 1992)

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A film crew follows the everyday life of an extrovert serial killer.

Even by today’s standards there is still some highly provocative moments in this independent satirical and gruesome film from Belgium. Shot in a documentary style before it was a la mode, it follows the adventures of a serial killer (amazing Benoit Poelvoorede) with a cynical tone and full of self indulgence. It’s definitely not to everyone’s taste as it crosses violently the boundaries of decency more than a few times.

A classic of modern horror and senseless provocation.

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Atypical Serial killer Movies # 4


4 – Dr Petiot (Christian De Challonge, France, 1990)

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Based on real life of Marcel Petiot. During world War 2,  pretending to help Jewish families to flee from the country to get to Spain under occupied France, Dr. Petiot violently disposes of them.

Leading man, Michel Serreault, once said he liked to play under De Challonge’s direction because he was one of a few French directors with distinctive style. Taking his word, the filmmaker choose to give a surrealist Nosferatu-like- feeling to this peculiar portrait of real War-time serial killer vampirizing people trying to flee German occupation. The second part of the story, with the liberation armies entering the city, bringing along sudden  resistance fighters, adds to the resulting atmosphere and overall treatment that is quite unsettling for the genre.

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