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This blog is merely the contribution of a Film Critic for 20 years and former president of Quebec Film Critics Association. I decided, with help from colleagues, to revisit things as the humble film buff who once was. I would like to draw attention in a comprehensive way to films, either the ones you may have missed out or are already among your beloved ones, rather than going for the usual analysis or critic.




208899_10150896399295835_628534001_n PASCAL GRENIER

A Film Critic for the last 15+ years, I was also a film programmer for the Fantasia Film Festival a few years back. Huge movie lover and film collector, I enjoy all kinds of pictures, digging a lot for film genres and Asian ones without shying away from Art-House material. I aim to draw your attention to films from all around the world, especially some you may have heard too little about.






A writer with a degree in Cinema with a passage in the music scene and animation world, Darian is passionate, among other stuff, about photography, Japan and food for thoughts.







13936683_10153598168376150_732823797_nOSLAVI LINARES

Cinetalk.net latest acquisition off the free agent market is Mexico’s brightest son, Oslavi Linares, on loan to Canada’s Concordia University Film Studies department. He’s into animation, documentaries, Latin American Cinema and much more.


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