In the dusty abandoned villa where they used to live, a group of women reunite to read an old letter. Their friend, Antonia, requested to be buried in her favorite green dress. Alas at her funeral, her family disregarded her female identity and dressed her in men’s attire. Therefore, among memories both fond and sad, a seance ensues. Real-life activist and writer, Porpora Marcasciano leads the circle to call back their dead friend and give her a proper send-off as herself – a trans woman.

Roberta Torre’s Le Favolose (aka The Fabulous Ones) looks at what it’s like for a trans woman to die once for her identity and freedom, and then a second time upon burial when this identity and freedom are removed.

Marcasciano participated in the 1970s sexual liberation. Aside from one actress, her co-stars are all women of trans experience. One would be quick to call the film a documentary, if it weren’t for the comedic science fiction flair. Torre has managed to create a fiction-doc by using handheld camera, “interviewing” the actresses, and adding nostalgia via old photos and videos. An entertaining yet poignant film


The Fabulous Ones – 9:40 PM JST, October 31st, 2022 (Please note, screening times are in Japan Standard Time)