The 35th Tokyo International Film Festival is underway, and has lifted most safety measures from the past 3 years. Still, in a world where Covid continues to affect worldwide travel, Cinetalk is covering the festival again, from our home base in Montreal. Stay tuned for the next week as we review a few of the stand-out films on offer.


A liar’s worst lies are the ones he tells himself. A selfish coward named Yuichi refuses to truly participate in his own relationships. He never fully invests himself, and does not respect the people who care about him. Instead of working things out, he runs. The Universe knows who truly deserves a break, and it ain’t this guy. After wrecking connections with his girlfriend and a handful of his closest friends, he then has his bike stolen. So of course, as the Universe does, it then has to send rain down on our protagonist in torrents.

When his estranged lowlife father advises him to always keep running, Yuichi starts to put things into perspective. The title of Miura Daisuke’s And So I’m at a Loss is Yuichi’s explanation for his behavior when finally forced to face his issues. Perhaps that same overseeing Universe can make exceptions even for a loser like this. Life can be unkind, but our job on this planet is to find our own place. As with many other films that are set in and around the greater Tokyo area, the city itself isn’t just a backdrop to the drama. It is also a co-creator of modern society’s hardships and interpersonal links.


And So I’m at a Loss – 3 PM JST, October 28th, 2022 (Please note, screening times are in Japan Standard Time)