The Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC) is back in physical cinemas this year, and already off to a roaring start. Usually Cinetalk likes to do a favorite picks selection at the end of festivals. But this time, we want to start with the film that really blew us away.

An orphaned black unicorn appears in a forest of lush purples and greens. Young Maria gets called deeper into the woods by what sounds like her departed mother. The scene brings to mind Disney’s Bambi, but quickly cuts to an unrelated environment. And there, the real action begins. At the Love Camp, soldier-bears are told how unworthy they are. This isn’t Care-a-Lot, but there’s a rainbow, the bears come in an array of colors, and they seem to be fighting for love. However, the Care Bears would be appalled by their foul-mouthed counterparts.

Alberto Vázquez’s unmistakable lugubri-cute style presents a divine but cruel world. Unicorn Wars shares several themes with Psiconautas (Vázquez, 2016), including the dichotomy between Paradise and Dystopia, the usage of color to accent either beauty or beast, and the usage of psychotropic drugs. .

The animals in this land teach each other about living in a scary place. Is there really a God, to which they can pray for salvation? Can they really win a war between the species? This is an adult Aesop Fable about what society has done to the Earth. Therein, is also an under-story about mental health and childhood trauma.

Unicorn Wars reveals a world that’s beautiful and horrifying. Just like real life.

Just wait for the final scene. Ab. so. lute. ly. Brilliant..


Unicorn Wars – October 8th, 2022 at 9:30 PM with English subtitles, and October 9th, 2022 at 2:30 PM with French subtitles. for location and ticketing details.