Daria Gamliel for Cinetalk.net

A lesbian couple goes to see a Soulmate Specialist. Something is missing from their relationship, but will deprogramming Tammy – a cyborg – make her look elsewhere?

Wai Mo Chan’s moody, sensual short Anima Possession has somewhat of a Wong Kar Wai (In the Mood For Love, 2000) pacing, and even some of his color palette

According to Carl Jung, anima is an individual’s true inner self. To try to possess another’s anima is an experiment that may fail, but reality and the unknown must nevertheless be experienced. Similarly, our troubled couple needs to just do what needs to be done, regardless of a positive or negative outcome. The anima concept goes a step further, playing on the word, “animal”. At times, the women bring out their primal nature as a way to explore their connection, and hopefully fix whatever isn’t quite right between them.

The concept of possession is also expressed through Tammy’s collar. Does a cyborg possess free will if she is simply the possession of her master? The slight nod to kink reminds us that both parties must let go of their own inhibitions to thrive as a duo.


Anima Possession – previously screened

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