Daria Gamliel for Cinetalk.net

So we’re on Year 3 of festivals going fully or partially virtual in these strange times we call a pandemic. As things start to open back up, the Pendance Film Festival can still be enjoyed mostly online.

It is short but sweet this year so don’t miss out!

And to lead our coverage on the same theme, we put together some short reviews of a selection of short films.


Memory Makers (Mark Pagliaroli, Canada) is an animated cutie about cameras coming to life. Cinetalk’s lead writer has a background in animation and photography and thus completely identifies with the antique cameras shimmying across surfaces in the inimitable stop-motion genre. To a soundtrack somewhere between Danny Elfman and Christmas TV commercials, the spinning Polaroids and marching Rolleiflexes mingle with the newer (but already considered “old”) Canon EOS models. A glimpse at what cameras do when left aside by their humans. Stay tuned for the stylish retro credit roll!


A mysterious intruder rouses Ruthie from her sleep in Night Visit (Mya Kaplan, Israel). He’s kind of cute, so she entices him to stay the night. But where was he before he dropped in? Something is definitely odd when the authorities are called in. Ruthie represents a very female perspective on male power.


She Keeps Me (Erica Orofino, Canada) explores the at-times codependent bonds between sisters. Love, attachment and fun are evident. But in other instances, the mental health of one sibling interferes with the hopes and dreams of the other. Is it a sense of responsibility, or true care that keeps them bound to one another?


Social media influencer, Oli London, had always wanted to go to Korea. Some might say he’s crazy. But he knew what he wanted and worked very hard to achieve it. Gangnam Beauty (Yan Tomaszewski, France) interprets a folkloric tale about a mask-maker, and juxtaposes it with Oli’s real-life quest to make himself look like Jimin – a member of K-pop’s internationally acclaimed boy band, BTS. As the masks are being chiseled and formed, Oli undergoes a botched rhinoplasty which leads him to surgeons in various countries to salvage his nose. He doesn’t stop there. For him, Jimin is inspiring and beautiful. He must therefore achieve the most Jimin-like features in order to reach true happiness. An underlying theme of never reaching true perfection is present, and reminds us that perfection may not be attainable even if we dedicate our entire life to creating our perfect ‘mask’.


Pendance Film Festival, March 10 – 13, 2022

For individual screening times, please consult https://pendancefilmfestival.ca/.