There are two more days to enjoy the RIDM. The title of The End of Wonderland (by Quebec cinematographer Laurence Turcotte-Fraser) is a fitting way to, well, end our coverage!

Multi-disciplinary artist and adult performer, Tara Emory is at a crossroads with some weighty decisions to be made. Her art-creation center is dilapidated and doubles as a hoarder’s paradise. But how does one quickly vacate items both sentimental yet practical for future projects? Turcotte-Fraser follows the process while showcasing this exceptional artist’s cartoons, photo shoots, and home renovation projects.

Emory is not only a homebody and cat-mom, but also one of the Internet’s most well known transgender fetish models. She builds sets and sews costumes for her shoots and low budget movies. “She’s so smart in art,” Emory’s mom says. She also inherited her father’s interest in cars. But part of the headache of closing her art studio is an absurdly large collection of (mostly broken) cars. While trying to deal with emotional attachments to material things, Emory also needs to address her desire to further her feminization journey.

All of her issues seem to somehow be linked to money she does not have. It’s a vicious cycle many artists can relate to. If she doesn’t quit hoarding, how can she make an income? And if she can earn a living modeling and creating films, she needs a space in which to create them.

The work of an artist is never “finished”, and likewise, she herself is a work in progress.


The End of Wonderland:

RIDM – On Demand, November 21st to November 25th, 2021