Maruyama Takeshi is known for directing the moody (almost) one-take music video for Mondo Grosso’s “Labyrinth”. Spaghetti Code Love is his first feature. The film’s title refers to computer coding lingo, where things get tangled and twisted. The same can be said for the relationships of Maruyama’s characters. Even the editing is like spaghetti.

Tokyoites run in circles, and wonder if they are really even alive. People from different walks of life all seem to be pondering the same things. What is the difference between love and attachment? Everyone is lonely, but nobody wants attachments. Discussions about life and death create a very cynical portrait of modern society. Each character seems to want what someone else has, instead of cherishing what they already possess. Why aren’t they creating heir own world instead of living with dissatisfaction?

A musician who hates her friends decides she should seek things that make her unhappy, If she doesn’t hold hope for positive things, she won’t be hurt or disappointed when they don’t work out. In the same vein, her ex-boyfriend chooses to live in capsule hotels rather than set down roots in a permanent dwelling of his own. Night after night, with no real friends but strangers on the Internet. Spaghetti code can alternately be seen as an anti-pattern. In many ways, these lonely humans go against the grain but society keeps them enclosed in patterns they cannot escape.

A thought-provoking piece about loneliness and hopelessness in a densely populated city.


Spaghetti Code Love – 11 AM JST, November 7th, 2021 (Please note, screening times are in Japan Standard Time)