Daria Gamliel for Cinetalk.net

What happens when the owner of a cafe discovers he can converse with himself 2 minutes into the future? Though he is reluctant, his friends urge him to find out. Together they seek ways to look further and further into the future. But how far will they go before realizing they should instead just enjoy the present?

Yamaguchi Junta’s first feature film, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, is a low budget, but charming and engaging time-loop frenzy. The unique little project was shot on iPhone, and is often touted as being filmed in one take. There are in fact a few very smart cuts. Blink, and the viewer might not catch them, hence all the publicity about the film being a one-shot wonder.

The time hops and the sweeping camera pans alternate between first and third person point of view. There are some tiny bloopers in the incorporation of the Droste effect (placing 2 screens or mirrors in a position where they reflect themselves infinitely), but it hardly matters. We could instead consider them accidentally placed metaphors for the anomalies mentioned in the script. The characters discuss the problematic nature of trying to peek into the future, because it could create such rifts.

That said, the overall effect is nearly perfect, and most viewers would miss these minuscule oversights. It’s a very fun and surprisingly effective piece of unusual sci-fi.


Fantasia Film Festival 2020 runs from August 5th to August 25th. 2020.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – On Demand until Friday, August 27th, 11:59 PM.

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