Daria Gamliel for Cinetalk.net

We’re already nearing the end of The ReelAbilities festival. What better way to conclude than with a series of shorts. As they say, short but sweet!

There seems to be a common thread through much of the program. Female voices speak loudly, and Ophira Calof has a lot to say. She is salty and frustrated, but with good reason. Hospital Chic gives insight into what it’s like for patients – especially female patients – to seek medical assistance for various health issues. She offers her tongue-in-cheek guide to receiving the specialized care that the medical system often withholds. Women’s symptoms are just hysteria, didn’t you know? In this case, hysterical is another word for hilarious.

In a similar vein lies Endomic (by Ipek Ensari and Camille Hollett-French). On average, it takes 7 years to be diagnosed with Endometriosis. This elusive mystery illness is often brushed under the rug. It is a ‘female disease’, and we already know that women are just hysterical. Funding is near non-existent so how can we learn more about this and related ailments in order to heal them? These “EndoWarriors” are not just making things up. These are real and debilitating conditions.

Disability often elicits micro-aggressions from people who think they are being nice. Single (written and directed by Ashley Eakin) serves as a cautionary tale about passing judgment based on physical appearance. Fiercely independent and looking for love, Kim is set up on a blind date by a well-meaning non disabled person. Kim does not see herself as disabled. Or does she? Perhaps her date will lead her to look inward instead of outward.

Last day to check out these shorts among others!

Closing Night: Youth Shorts Program – May 30th, 2021 7 PM

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