When Morgana Muses was young and impressionable, her mother told her not to cause her family any shame. So she went on to suppress…everything. Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess have created a documentary with gentle hands. Morgana is not only the story of an award-winning late-in-life porn star, but also the portrait of a woman who has always struggled with her mental health. Morgana got married to an incompatible partner, and felt undesirable after their first child was born. She turned to food and became morbidly obese. This embarrassed her husband. After birthing their second child, she realized she could no longer go to work, be a mother and look after a home. It wasn’t a life.

Celibate for over a decade, she craved human touch and conversation. She researched a suitable escort, with the plan to have a fabulous experience and then go home to commit suicide. But after her night with the escort, she felt like she came alive. She thought maybe her story wasn’t quite over yet. Morgana started conceptualizing her own porn movies. She was of course, disowned by her family, but was more than ready to accept this. Through sex, film, and an entourage of collaborators who encouraged her, she explored what it really meant to be a woman.

Peppard, and Hess in particular, who we often see on camera, have handled Morgana’s pursuit of happiness with much tenderness. They’ve allowed the star of their project to reveal herself, bit by bit. As Morgana allowed them to film her in various stages of vulnerability, the female crew also allowed her to spread her wings. And her legs, if she so desired! They did not glorify the sex trade so much as show the human aspects of the industry. Morgana brings this genuineness to all her films, and it is probably why she has been told she is an inspiration. But as someone with clinical depression, she does not always feel like she’s worthy of this admiration. Still, she carries on, and has a very supportive team around her. Yes, Morgana is globally about the porn industry, but it is much more than that. It addresses adult struggles and emotions from a feminine (or feminist) point of view.

Morganaavailable On Demand until September 2nd, 2020

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