It’s been a tough month.

I’m left to carry on the legacy that is Cinetalk. To date, I did not comment on my esteemed Editor’s passing because it’s still processing. Sandro would call me girly and say that this sort of mushiness is right up my alley. And as usual, I would say, No Bro, I don’t DO girly, okay?

I do real.

Beginning 2020 event coverage after this shocking news has a bit of a stop-start feeling. But opening the year with reviews of a new festival seemed like the best way to say adieu. I’ve always thought that a goodbye can lead to a hello. What better way to transition than to do what Sandro would have wanted me to do – find new like-minded people in the arts and film community. “If you can, do it,” is what he would have said had I asked permission to cover an event new to Cinetalk.

So I did it.

Dearest readers and supporters, on behalf of us both, I welcome the Pendance Film Festival to the pages of Cinetalk. A short but sweet Toronto affair (happening only Feb. 20th through 23rd), just as Sandro would have asked of my now too-long article. Sorry, Bro, but sometimes I just need to say more than 150 words.

Pendance uses the hashtag #storyovereverything and seeks to “spark a new love affair with cinema among modern audiences starving for truth and meaning on the big screen”. There’s something very poetic about their story and their film selection. And Sandro had always referred to my writing as “poetic’. Whether he meant that poetically or sarcastically I was never sure. But I’ll keep doing what I do.


Pendance says that “all of the talk around the festival is about the art and craft of cinema.”

What a coincidence. This goes for Cinetalk too.

Stay tuned for my coverage of this vibrant, young festival only in its third year. Due to singular screenings, timing and the fragile state of Cinetalk itself, I am only able to publish the articles after the festival has ended. A pet peeve of Monsieur Forte, but the films I screened are worth mentioning even after the fact.