Sergey Loznitsa goes back and forth from award winning contemporary features to documentary films revealing the history of the former USSR. In his most recent work, State Funeral, the personality cult and state of the art show that was Joseph Stalin’s funeral is on display in a patiently edited archival montage.

Propaganda was at its height and, arguably, the importance of archival preservation, research and exposure are highlighted though leaving out excerpts of crushed dissidents, while it is doubtful that such archival material exists…

What could have been just a beautiful object (it looks like there is some Mershin & Provorov beautiful 3-color system in there)  just exposing partial facts, a simple record or account, ultimately chronicles and seizes -with multiple view point including factories, countryside and the final ‘resting place’ –  a specific historical moment in a way that is more pertinent than most period piece.



Festival Screening: Nov. 23, 2PM PM – Cineplex Quartier Latin with English sub