One delightful oddity, showing at RIDM 2019, is Jasmina Wójcik’s Symphony of the Ursus Factory, a 60 minutes musicumentary that came to Cinetalk’s attention courtesy of our ramification with the team of the always resourceful Krakow’s Bureau of Festivals.

It all came through share interest for music.

The director-composer duet of Jasmina Wójcik and Dominik Strycharski unfold, as a choral hymn, a story of the working men and women, transcending various regime changes, on their working ground – nowadays abandoned – namely the fame Ursus tractor factory.

Possible tagline: Glory to the working class!

Solidarity is celebrated, by ex-workers, in a participatory re-enactment of what was their typical workday motions (watch out for this tractor ballet ) and sounds were, now translated into music, Strycharski conducting and providing the entrancing additional scoring.

Cool bonuses include the end credits featuring a highly enjoyable ‘behind the scene’ – a la Jackie Chan – led by Strycharski.

The result is poignant.



Nov. 16, 1:00 PM & Nov. 17, 6:15 PM
Cinémathèque québécoise
with English subtitles