It’s a wrap! Well, not totally. Closing night is today at FNC and there’s plenty of films this weekend including all day Sunday. But Daria and me are finished with duties and assignments and Julien Fonfrède, the guru of Temps 0 – the only non-politically correct section left of the festival, stated that we could go see films just for fun. If I’d let him go on, he’d probably gone as far as stating that film critics are also human beings (except Daria of course, she’s a Replicant). How lovely.

So, from those we didn’t catch up with during the week I’ll certainly have a look at the intriguing Jallikattu on Sunday evening.

See the Fest site for this one :

And there is those we wrote about, playing again this weekend :

Color out of space :

And than we danced, Beanpole, Little Joe:


Feral ;


Monos :