Teen angst is the same in every culture, in ever country. Messy and stupid.

A group of twentysomethings with absentee parents go about their lives drinking, drugging, and having sex. Without any dominant parental element present, nobody can understand why they are so reckless. At least if they showed any signs of enjoyment, one might comprehend. But if we stare into the vapid eyes of these overgrown children, we can’t see their motivation for living. Alexander Gorchilin’s Acid shows us that sometimes teen angst spills over into a person’s twenties.

EDM music, a pack of smokes, and best buddies. That’s all anyone really needs isn’t it? But with further scrutiny, do any of these friends have our back? Do we have theirs? And does anybody actually care?

Dismal but a propos in this day and age where people grow up numb, and continue being vacant in adulthood.

Acid – October 20th, 2019, 7:15 PM – Cinema du Parc.

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