In Andrew Wonder’s Feral, a young homeless woman, living under NY subway, tries to survive, with her own set of rules, while winter is coming.

Official guide of FNC festival, contains a media clip stating: ‘as dark as the streets’ . I guess this film critic knows about the street…who knows?

There is certainly a message somewhere in there with the best of intentions. It is mostly shot in low budget ‘urgency’ style with handheld camera and it boosts a good performance from lead Annapurna Sriram.  But, even if it becomes darker in the later part, of this on-screen journey, I could not keep myself from thinking about Sex Pistols lead singer, Johnny Lydon, commenting after the 1986 premiere of Sid and Nancy, that it was merely the Cinderella version.

Being the Cinderella version, Feral raises one major question: Could the director loose his audience if he sticks too much to the harsh reality the film aims to depict in the first place?

Screenings : Thur October 17, 8:55PM and Sat October 19 at Cineplex Quartier Latin

Q&A with Andrew Wonder on October 17th