You tell me that you’ve got everything you want
And your bird can sing, but you don’t get me,
You don’t get me.
– The Beatles

Sometimes a group of friends has that one crazy girl, that one dude everyone knows is cheating on his girlfriend, that one introvert that’s secretly an alcoholic. But love is, holding onto each other anyway. Or is it? How many friends in that group are genuine? How many even care about the others? What is love? Why does everyone lie?

This is the heart of Sho Miyake’s And Your Bird Can Sing (adapted from the novella by Yasushi Sato). A slacker dumbass (Tasaku Emoto) meets a relatively respectable girl (Shizuka Ishibashi, of Fantasia 2018’s The Tokyo Night Sky is Always the Densest Shade of Blue), and they embark on an adventure of booze, music, and of course, sex. And sure, the dumbass’s quiet and sweet roommate (Shota Sometani, of Parasyte I and II) can join in. Throughout, the viewer is led into plot traps to expect a certain outcome. And then, character after character is revealed to be quite the opposite of what they portray.

The complexity of relationships sometimes lies within their simplicity, and vice versa.

The three core players in the charade are all looking for love. They all coast through life unsure what the future holds for them. They all want the truth, but are too cowardly to seek it out. It is a timely look at the New World of relationships where nobody wants to commit for fear the other party won’t want to. In this world, everyone has a Friend With Benefits but no one has a girlfriend, a husband or even an old fashioned mistress. Everything is permissible but nobody really wants to speak up that it’s not in fact, what they really want. In the end, all we are doing is trying to keep out partner(s) “okay” rather than risking falling in love, being rejected, cheated on, or lied to.

The idea is to never reveal the truth, so that we never have to deal with the lies of traditional relationships. So what is love? Why do we all lie about it? Ending unknown, and therein lies the poetry of life.


And Your Bird Can Sing – 12:00 PM, July 30th – J.A. de Seve Theatre

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