Ah… Quentin!  You got Leonardo and Brad. Richard on Bolex. 95 millions to borrow excerpts from long gone Italian film directors and film composers (lots of Francesco De Masi this time around)

You sure got a recipe for nostalgia, Quentin. It’s called: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

This time, your illustrated era:  Very late 60’s Hollywood. A fading Star of Western TV shows (Di Caprio) with sidekick-would-be stunt-double (Pitt), set against the background of upcoming infamous Manson family murders of Sharon Tate and friends.

I’ll never understand the morbid fascination for the Spahn Ranch bunch and their leader, Charles Manson. Celebrated losers as much as Bonnie and Clyde, outside of Hollywood glamour, were chicken thieves. But it is all about selling dreams in creating icons.

your one liners are there (Yes I smiled when Brad character says: «Don’t cry in front of Mexicans»), the references too (the head banging out of David Lynch’s Wild at Heat, the film titles on marquees, footage of Italian action movies, manipulation of scenes from The Great Escape, etc ). Your sudden bursts of ‘comedic’ violence. And let’s not forget the 3 hour length.

So the fans should be okay.

Quentin, since you made so many films celebrating the genre known as Spaghetti Western, why didn’t you produce a picture about famed Cinecittà studios and the Italian genre films? This could have been relevant…