In true Fantasia fashion, Tempura (Ujicha) fuses the ridiculous with humor and horror. The 2D cut-out (and more!) animation follows two buddies down a rabbit hole. A crispy, golden, tempura’d rabbit…hole. To say more would do a disservice to the absurd creativity of this short. Along with several other animated gems, it is part of the Things That go Bump in the East shorts programme..

Also on the roster is the much touted Shishigari (Kiyotaka Oshiyama). Rather than taking on the standard storytelling form of beginning-middle-end, it is more a slice of life. A kid whose tummy is always empty goes hunting in a winter landscape. With one kill, he’s generous to other needy creatures and then runs off happily with his new fur coat. Think Prince(ss) Mononoke in Winter, set to music by Kenji (Ghost in the Shell) Kawai.

The surprising ‘hit’ might be My Little Goat (Tomoki Misato). Deceivingly fluffy, it hides deep beneath its cunning cuteness, a dark tale about family abuse (trigger warning is in order for implied child abuse, incest, rape). The stop-motion puppet animation is tactile and woolly, and not just because of the baby goats’ curly fur. There are some very sweet moments between siblings, and references to the Big Bad Wolf of many a children’s story. Carefully crafted and touching despite the sinister undercurrent.

The perfect way for adult children to enjoy air conditioned entertainment this heat wave weekend!

Things That go Bump in the East – 6:45PM, July 21st – J.A. de Seve Theatre

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