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An amazing phenomenon with FMF Krakow is you don’t want to miss a single show since even those who are not especially your cup of tea are memorable. That’s what makes it such a great festival.

Months in advance they promised the closing night Gala- The Glamorous Show – to be extravagant with dance choreography (by Santiago Bello), songs and musical numbers, from the films of Baz Lhurman (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, etc), by (or arranged by) Craig Armstrong, who incidentally was named this year’s recipient of the Kilar Award for life achievement, succeeding to Michael Nyman.

Krzysztof Herdzin conducted vigorously the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Pro Musica Mundi Choir, featuring Armstrong on Piano, and a sextet of Polish pop and jazz singers. It looked and sounded like 10 Polish Weddings. Tarred and feathered, the Lufthansa reluctantly accepted me on board the next day.

(Photo: Wojciech Wandzel)

With Disney in Concert – The Magic of Music, two days earlier, the Pupils of FMF Youth Orchestra, prepared like old pros by the always exquisite Monika Bachowska, maintaining the highest standards of quality, and ultimately conducted by Erik Ochsner, performed musics from Alladin, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Hercules and more accompanying a pleiad of singers, before an audience of 20 000, with assurance.

Madame Bachowska, you deserve an Award.

(Photo: Wojciech Wandzel)

With the addition of shows celebrating popular songs taken from Tarantino’s universe (Dance2Cinema – Tarantino Unchained) or the Live on screen drum solos accompaniment of Oscar Winner Birdman (2014), by original composer Antonio Sanchez, there is something for everyone while programming stays coherent.

You be the judge by consulting our personal favorites:

Cinema Chorale :


Scoring4Polish directors:


The force which makes Krakow’s International Film Music Festival (FMF) by far the strongest event of its kind consists in City Hall and the city’s Bureau of Festivals (KFB) higher understanding of the powers that be as well as the commitment of both offices to high standards of quality. The event is a major modern ambassador of what being ‘the heart of Poland’ really means, a contemporary summit meeting to match with the city’s own rich history. Through centuries, every troublemakers around tried to possess it, but the property of the culture remains and stands tall while a jewel like FMF is a lighthouse expanding its gleaming.

As good news come in pairs, the recent nomination of FMF dynamic artistic director, Robert Piaskowski, as top culture man in prof. Jacek Majchrowski’s administration, won’t prevent him from keeping his position with the Festival and continue to work with its amazing team. The professor sure knows how to run the city: firm hand at times, kind and understanding when his pupils need it. And he sure knows how to evaluate good candidates. Bless the administration.

Through this refreshed association, Krakow, FMF and KFB director Izabela Helbin’s nursery of burgeoning talents, which she encourages in creative thinking, will all flourish together even more.

See you in 2020!

(Chic Duet: Robert Piaskwoski & Izabela Helbin)

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