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Cover Photo: Alicja Wróblewska – Courtesy of KFB

One of the numerous highlights of FMF Krakow 2019 was the presentation of two distinct concerts by double Oscar winner, composer Alexandre Desplat, on May 18-19. Since the whole deal is about honoring the Art of film scoring he insisted, at least for the first show, that it’d be executed without the support of the images it is originally intended to assist in the first place.

As I often find the takes, recordings and mixing of Hollywood films these days to sound at times a bit artificial, both concerts offered refreshing takes of his work.

On the evening of the 18th, The Magic and Majesty of Alexandre Desplat, at ICE Krzysztof Penderecki Hall, included suites from Besson’s Valerian, The Imitation Game, The Shape of Water and Harry Potter and the Dethly Hawllos 1 & 2, Desplat conducting the Sinfoniette Cracovia with some great flute solos by Jean Ferrandis.

The French Chef clearly enjoyed revisiting his repertoire through various suites made of highlights of several of his most renowned scores. And when you are able, as an artist, to communicate such enjoyment, which he clearly did, you’re in for a festive lively treat demonstrating all the pertinence of such live presentations.

(Photo: Wojciech Wandzel) – Courtesy of KFB

Suites from his scores to The King’s speech, The Ghost Writer and The Girl with a Pearl Earring where the link between both differing programs presented in highly different modes and moods as, on the 19th, in the afternoon, we passed from their full scale orchestra versions to the FMF continuing series dubbed Cinematic Pianos with interpretations by Alain Planès (piano) Desplat (Flute, percussion) and the Traffic Quintet.

Added to the program, featured inside superb Juliusz Slowacki theater, were suites from his breakthrough scores ”Un héros très discret” as well as Cannes winner ”Un Prophète”, both by fellow countryman and celebrated director Jacques Audiard.

Both shows acted as exemplary, complementary, companion piece. A wonderful summit meeting which boosted strong performances each nights with some serious fun.

Anytime Alex!

(Photo: Wojciech Wandzel) – Courtesy of KFB

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