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A good beginning can be a delicate time. And as a Cool wind enveloped Krakow and provided some chill once inside ST Catherine of Alexandria church, a 17th century baroque monument of celestial beauty and acoustic, the delightful opening of FMF Film Music Festival, Cinema Chorale, sure provided the required warm up.

Under direction by Wieslaw Delimat, the Pro Musica Mundi Choir, along soprano Jolanta Kowalska-Pawlikowska, tenor PiotrWindak and organist Filip Presseisen, celebrated the most human of instruments, voice, before an audience quietly listening with religious commitment.

It was captivating to hear a series of choral arrangements for music not always prepared at first for the medium but rather for orchestral purposes. Mr Kilar (from King of the Last Days), Patrick Doyle (from Carlito’s Way), Ennio Morricone (The Mission), for instance got some beautiful treatments, as well as guest Don Davis who seemed to enjoy (I sat behind him) this version of his theme to Behind enemy Lines.

Once more artistic director Robert Piaskowki gamble against the odds (he could have chosen to go for a more ‘spectacular’ opening) is a winner. We get a build up here. And it is what good artistic direction is about.

Did I say Build up?

Dracula by Kilar World Premiere is Next… Tonight!

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