Friends of Film music are at the Gate as FMF Krakow installment #12 finally kicks in tonight and goes on until the 21st of May. And is all ears.

La Crème de la Crème in film scoring, with guests such as Don Davis (The Matrix)
Alexandre Desplat (the films of Wes Anderson and Jacques Audiard), Craig Armstrong (Moulin Rouge), Antonio Sanchez (Birdman), gathers once more in the beautiful historical city as we already wrote about a few weeks ago ( Now you can follow us everyday.

Marking the debut is an evening of works dedicated to choristers, major collaborators since the beginning of FMF.  ”We want to fully show mysticism, power and brilliance” says Robert Piaskowski, artistic director of the Festival. Well, the Gothic interiors of the church of St Catherine certainly represent the ideal home.  Program will include voice works from Kilar, Morricone, Doyle, Coulais, Davis Et Al under the well assured direction of Wieslaw Delimat. Special Guest : Don Davis.

The late Wojciech Kilar, again this year, is everywhere since not only F.F. Coppola 1992’s Dracula gets the concert treatment, but the continuing series dubbed Scoring4Polish Filmmakers is honoring the great Krzysztof Zanussi, which feature his music on Classic Zanussi like The Illumination (1973), Hipoteza (1974), A Woman’s Decision (1975), The Contract (1980), Foreign Body, Black Sun, At Full Gallop (1996) and various others

Polish Soundtrack of the Year Award is added to, FMF Ambassador titles and  FMF Young Talent Award.

And there is also the Panels & forums that catch, beside the ears, our eyes. These include:

Schooling for Scoring: Film Music Education Platforms with Samya Papasoff (From Aubagne Fest), Pauline Patoux, Richard Bellis, Mateusz Bień, George Christopoulos, Thomas De Keere with Host Eleni Mitsiaki, An Antonio Sánchez: The Birdman Experience Masterclass, the panel Working with Kilar – on restoration of His Works.

And one of’s top trusted man Gorka Oteiza of the resouceful SoundTrackFest will host  ‘From Passion to Promotion: The Love of Film Music’  list of speakersincluding Nikola Bojcev, Pedro Mérida, Marco Patrignani, João Santos & Robert Piaskowski; many of them in charge of Europe’s most important film music festivals.

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