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We all know and love/hate Airbnb. But with recent legal crackdowns, travelers and hosts are looking to find alternatives. Staybillety may just have a more forward-thinking solution. Though it’s open to all, it caters to a slightly more niche market. Touring musicians may not be able to afford a hotel to hotel lifestyle, and may not ‘blend in’ well in certain accommodations. Bring on the guitars, unruly hair and ripped jeans, because Staybillety offers a (temporary) solution for just this type of traveler.

The “community-focused online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts” uses the hashtags #SharedRoof #SharedInterests and #StayAlike. Not just for the starving artist, the service aims to connect people with shared interests and pastimes. Perhaps a traveler likes snowboarding or hockey. Staybillety will try to link them up with fellow winter sports enthusiasts. Another target user is the traveler with special needs. How many Airbnbs mention they are located on a 4th-floor walkup or have narrow corridors? Staybillety hopes the disabled community’s needs can become increasingly well addressed as the online community develops. An apartment that can accommodate a walker or wheelchair may begin to get a good rep between fellow travelers who need barrier-free accommodations.

This very handy service also connects its hosts and guests with feel-good organizations. Unison Benevolent Fund is a current partner. The organization provides counseling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community whether struggling with economic, health or even legal troubles. Especially these days, mental health is topical. Artists, and in particular, musicians, deal with a lot of stress, crazy sleep cycles, and are prone to anxiety and mental health issues (Stay tuned for our coverage of the Mental Health and the Music Community discussion panel coverage on May 11th!). Unison wants food on a musician’s table and a roof over their head. Partnering with Staybillety is a perfect opportunity to reach a wider user base.

Being a musician doesn’t always offer lifestyle or career stability. But there’s a solution to at least some of the related drawbacks. If Cinetalk could create a cheesy jingle to advertise the service, it might go something like “Traveling musician looking for stability? Sign up for Staybillety!” (Yoke, yoke, never mind, we promise we’ll stick to our music and film critiques!)


Help Staybillety support the Unison Benevolent Fund by using the affiliate code UNISON when making an accommodation booking on

Look for the Staybillety booth at Canadian Music Week’s Trade Show May 9th – 11th at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.