Les Lèvres Rouges (known in English as Daughters of Darkness) is a 1971 cult tale of the supernatural (read lesbian vampires) by Belgian director Harry Kümel and starring Euro star Delphine Seyrig and our very own Montreal soft core celebrity, Danielle Ouimet.

For a few months now, after almost 50 years of waiting, the soundtrack to Daughters of Darkness is available. In a rare horror assignment, French composer François De Roubaix was on scoring duty.

Dead prematurely at 36, in a 1975 scuba diving accident (the other great passion of his life beside music), self-taught De Roubaix had time to deliver a legacy of about a hundred film scores leading to a 1976 posthumous Cesar (the French ‘Oscar’) for his music to Robert Enrico’s 1975 war Drama The Old Gun (Le Vieux Fusil) starring Philippe Noiret and Romy Schneider.

Through the years, various compilations (with lots of pieces from the macho men cinema of Robert Enrico, Jose Giovanni and Alain Delon), full OST’s (Melville’s Le Samourai) and electronic takes of his work (the very cool Le Monde electronique de François De Roubaix 1 & 2), were edited posthumously.

De Roubaix certainly had made a highly personal signature for himself, in the process of this short career, made of catchy tunes, blend of folk and a peculiar sense for the light dramatization. It’s often borderline kitsch, but always manages to stay on the right side of the spectrum. The light way in which he always handled the drama, with a simple ‘tune’, was impressive.

If one ever wondered what it would be like to hear a cross of the De Roubaix sound coupled with horror thematic, Daughters of Darkness OST is the answer.

It comes as a summit meeting between the genre and De Roubaix. You definitely recognize the composer’s imprint, nice acoustic catchy guitar à la De Roubaix, cool minimalist drumming and organ, within the eerie requirements of the genre with musical saw, harp, bass, and overdubbed technical treatments. He takes on the genre to add his own.

Don’t own a score by François De Roubaix? Daughters of Darkness OST would be a great start.