Through the wonderful network of our beloved FMF Krakow Film Music Festival we connected with quite a few great souls. One of these spirited goodies being the people at Defiant PR from L.A. They had the much appreciated courtesy of letting us know about some recent soundtrack release of Being Rose, a score from one of their protégé: Brian Ralston.

An instructor at UCLA Film Scoring program (he graduated from USC’s similar), Brian Ralston, as a composer, is building his way towards A-pictures full assignments.

Rod McCall’s road trip feel-good-melodrama of Being Rose, starring Cybill Shepherd, James Brolin and Pam Grier, was musically accompanied by Ralston. To reflect the motorized wheelchair trip exploration of American Southwest beauties, with its gorgeous scenery, the composer opted for an overall meditative, light and intimate sound led by the various guitars performed by Andrew Synoweic. There is some fine genre crossing going on from the spiritual a la Bombay (character’s introspection) to the use of native instruments variations performed by Chris Bleth, who used to be a regular of such missions at the late James Horner’s side.

Altogether it’s a quite agreeable work. The composer is also obviously up to the task of the business side of things: these producers with deadlines for the day before yesterday looking for someone who can deliver the goods and surround himself accordingly while making things sound beautifully. All this efficiently…and fast!

That ‘taking care of business’ aspect is highlighted by the presence, at Ralston’s side, of respected players, such as Belinda Broughton on violin. With leading capabilities, to take the ship from A to Z, demand for Mr Ralston, perfectly able in various genres (he has a few OST behind him already), shall increase in the very near future.


This very same near future (meaning right now) is also bright for multiple awards winner Stephanie Hamelin Tomala as the young Canadian composer, facing worldwide competition, snatched top prize voted by an international jury of her pairs at the 5th Golden Hornet’s String Quartet Smackdown, late February in Austin, Texas.

That confirms all the good already coming out from her passage at France’s Aubagne Film music Festival in 2017.

Hamelin Tomala’s composition, The Last Dance, a couple’s ultimate dance before their death, is a variation on a short score, a quartet piece, she created for the 2018 American short Final Curtain. And, apparently, a recording of the piece, by U.S Invoke Quartet, is coming soon to our ears…

Hey guys at Defiant PR, she can get US work permits. Just sayin’…

Mark these names : Brian Ralston and Stephanie Hamelin Tomala, film music composers.