Don’t feel like people stepping on your feet at Cannes next spring? Go to FMF Krakow instead!

It’s THE festival of Live film music and more. The crowds are huge, the shows are state of the Art. And they know how to treat guests. All guests. The Krakow Festival Office (Godmother of FMF) is creative and efficient. Shows, workshops, panels, professional meetings and a lot more await you.

And While at it, you’ll also want to extend your stay for touristic consideration since this city-of- Festivals is absolutely charming, with a mayor, Jacek Majchrowski, who’s a real supporter of Arts. The way his administration mixed the historical with 21st estate deserves some praise. That’s a man with a plan and a team open to new ideas.

What’s cooking, for this FMF 2019 edition, from the menu of Chefs Robert Piaskowsi, Agata Grabowiecka and Izabela Helbin?

We’ll all need some extra garlic as Wojciech Kilar‘s monumental score to F.F Coppola’s Dracula (1992) will get, live on screen, the Concert Hall treatment it deserves through a collaboration of FMF with FIMUCITÉ and that universal monster of a film concert producer: Robert ”Van Helsing” Townson himself (though it’s actually a Columbia Picture Film). WK’s score being as much about layers of sounds as it is lyrically powerful, this is gonna be bloody good. Maestro and Mr (or Mrs) sound technicians, lets shake this castle and bring out the dead. This score and FMF are the perfect fit for each other.

The Pierogies a la Piaskowki will also be filled with an abundance of epically spiced proposals:

Scoring4Polish Directors the series highlighting the music of films scored for a prominent film maker will feature one of Poland’s major director, the multiple International award winning director Krzysztof Zanussi (Cannes, Locarno… and Montreal!!).

Dance2Cinema cycle is also back with the Tarantino connection. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained. With Polish vocalists Ania Karwan and Damian Ukeje, accompanied by the 11-strong, Pop Cult Band from Spain. The latest co-production with FIMUCITÉ.

Monika Bachowska, the exquisitely talented conductor who shapes the future of their talented youth with her magic is back! she leads the FMF Youth Orchestra – an ensemble comprising the most talented pupils from Kraków’s music schools, founded five years ago especially for the festival. Their Monster on screen show last year left people speechless…

Another cool thing about Polish people is they mean what they say, so when they write that the : ” FMF Gala: The Glamorous Show at TAURON Arena will be filled with unexpected turns of action and mood. The concert brings together dancers, spectacular stage sets and meticulously designed special effects ” –  I buy every words. Trust me, it smells good.

A bit of French seasonings?

Alexandre Deplats will conduct the Sinfonietta Cracovia Orchestra on some of his works including The Ides of March and The King’s Speech, and suites from his Oscar-winnings Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shape of Water. Plus he comes with his (talented) wife, Dominique “Solrey” Lemonnier, who will perform with The Traffic Quintet as part of the Cinematic Piano series with Desplats performing on flutes and percussion.

For desserts;

Pączkis come in different flavors, so guests and composers performing will include Antonio Sánchez (performing is drummimg on Birdman), Craig Armstrong (with some Baz Luhrmann Extravaganza) , Bruno Coulais, Don Davis, Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz, Bartosz Chajdecki and Marcin Masecki.

And more, and more.

While the films shown on the Côte d’Azur at the same time will come to the Netflix near you, what FMF has to offer you just don’t get at home… FMF is the present and the future for film festivals.

Check it out:

*** FMF 2019 runs from May 14-21 in various venues of the historical city of Krakow***