Starting tomorrow, the Girls at Phi Centre invite you to joyfully get lost into the collective and immersive World of The Horrifically Real Virtuality, France’s DVgroup triumphant return to Montreal, following their much appreciated Alice, also shown at Phi a while back.

New trends, Virtual Reality, feed off the old school Z Movies and the world of Ed Wood (the infamous director celebrated by Tim Burton in one of the weirdest biopic ever ) and his fetish actor, the late Bela Lugosi (Dracula, Plan 9 from Outer space), who will interact with you, your friends and family.

A lot of work and dedication has been put together by DVgroup and Phi to bring to Montreal audience this dazzling piece for its Canadian premiere. It mixes, VR, cinema, theater, murder-mystery ambience, graphic art and… (virtual) Abduction!

Without spoilers, let’s say it starts as a cabaret act David Lynch would embrace without hesitation, led by actors you interact with. Soon enough, reality (doesn’t) get back at you but the virtual does. Down goes the frame and you get literally entangled…

Like famous actor Sir Laurence Olivier puts it in the 70’s thriller Marathon Man: ”Is it safe?”

Well, as genuinely ‘Evil’ as the set up is, if you bring the whole family (it’s 13+) grand dad and granny shall easily survive the experience. No worries…


Children of all ages, behave while on set and listen to the main advise of any good horror film trailer:


*** Seances,  french or English, groups up to 10, right here: