Tonight at 7 PM, as part of their Black Friday weekend celebration, Montreal record store Paul’s boutique (112 Mont-Royal Est) brings back electronic Industrial experimental outfit Of Tanz Victims


Funny enough, the first thought that comes to mind is a retelling (as I wasn’t even there) by the late Robert Vincent, their producer on the infamous Bunker Records label, of a show in Sin City Too (Montreal) in which the sound system blew up. That’s what happens when you enroll a real snake to play over amplified Guitars… He had problems finding venues to play them after, apparently… You don’t say!

As the hosting venue tonight is kind of patrimonial, that we are not sure about the state of the foundations and also the fact they will apparently play their ‘Holiday in Siberia’ period (we can’t make that up),  we suggest to locate the emergency Exits first.

You can listen here: