Remember this summer, we went by the shop of local visual (and borderline insane) artist Jolène Morin’s  Mock-up Fish Market ?

Smelling something fishy, we went back to the shop, MOM & POP, a few days ago only to discover the upcoming expo (starting this Friday) was celebrating…  Male Organ!!!

Title: Jo et Fil, Quincallerie de Pénis (Jo & Son, Penis Hardware).

Upon getting back to the office I showed the press release to our own little Zatoichi-girl, Daria Gamliel asking: ”Would like to cover th… Ouuuuch!!”. The bloody-she-Beast almost ripped off my arm to appropriate the material… I guess it meant yes.

So, while Daria writes and takes pictures, I’ll be able to concentrate on my drinking.

It’s related to a good cause with parts of the profits going to researches on cancer. Plus Christmas is coming (as in gifts that can either leave speechless or start a few conversations).

Only in Montreal, children. Only in Montreal!

For the time being, the voyeur in you can have a look here:

Quincaillerie de pénis