for (photo – Sébatien Roy)

I know next to nothing of the life and songs of Arcade Fire, except they come from the North Shore of my hometown of Montreal and they are hugely popular.

But I know about a happy face when I see one. And upon leaving for Europa, SAT‘s Witchcraft Master (director Monique Savoie) told me of her great satisfaction about their latest artist residency, Richard Reed Parry’s exclusive Dome variation (the SATosphere), a sonical and visual in-house derivative from his eponym album Quiet River of Dust.

So I peaked in for the premiere of the Live set to witness more happy faces. A public that obviously knew the folky-edgy proposal. I talked to people of the audience right after and for them its already Christmas time.

The magic of the immersive Dome in a live music mode and mood, with its technical VS the intimacy it provides,  with more speakers than a THX auditorium, certainly worth a try. The only thing left for fans missing that specific set up for whatever the reason (it runs until the 24th) is to cry their heart out. None of his shows will come close to look and sound like it. Well isn’t that what SAT is about?

Reed Parry and SAT. A happy marriage.

Quiet River of Dust – 7PM sharp, November 20-24 at SAT (Society for Art and Technology)