There is major ingredients of what makes great films about music in Jean-Nicolas Orhon’s Ensemble.

The occasion: a first European tour in 36 years for the ensemble. Half of these years spent under the direction of Chef Yannick Nazet-Séguin. For several months, the (film) director trailed Montreal’s ‘second’ classical orchestra, the Orchestre Métropolitain, and their international star conductor.

Second to what exactly? The Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (OSM)? It’s a thing of perception and personality. They are a first class act. But it is also about passion and identity.

We lost count of how many times we wrote on this site: ” Do it simple, do it well”. Orhon seems to agree to the concept. His subjects, slowly revealed to his candid eye, convey great depth and emotions. The director provides the tools of a good listener, coupled with highly effective editorial choice, putting emphasis on the human scale.

Despite all International ambitions and obvious talent, Yannick Nazet-Séguin is about passion and the character of his ensemble. It’s his bunch, his city, his family and friends. He cares. They care. They mirror each other. The film captures that successfully.

A work of love.

RIDM Screening: Nov. 16 8:30 PM,Cinéma Quartier Latin – Salle 10 – with French subtitles.

*** Ensemble goes for a special theatrical engagement, starting November 23rd, before going on National Television (in a TV edited shorter version).